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Lending Service of Our Equipment

In fetiquette, we provide equipments lending services for fetish contents.

As a commemoration of the opening of fetiquette, all high-quality equipments can be used for free.

For details of the equipment and how to use please refer to the following.


Camera SONY 4K Video Camera FDR-AX700
Binaural Microphone SR3D Binaural Pro
PCM Recorder Tascam DR - 60D
High sound quality Stethoscope M3dicine Stethee Pro
Other Equipments Simple Endoscope, Lighting Equipments, Fitness Bike etc. We can shoot VR works so please contact us.
Softwares Adobe Premiere / Adobe Photoshop
We will Perform Editing according to your request.
Examples 1: For cosplay shooting, 2: For goods sales, 3: For creating fetish video etc.
This service is opened for people who do not have equipments but who want to create and sell fetish contents so please use freely.
Place Shinagawa, Tokyo
* The equipments can be used in only designated place.
Fee Free [As Memorial]
This service will be closed when many people apply. Please understand.
* You need to post your created contents to our service.
How to use You can post your request from below Google-Form.
Depending on the situation, we may not be able to accept your request. Please understand.
Google-Form (Sorry, Japanese document)